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Order received but not matching with the file I submitted.

I made a book with photos from a trip I made this summer (through book wright). I uploaded to the website the file and I ordered the book. I've just received yesterday the book, however the pictures inside are not mines. Th cover is right but everything inside is not mine. 

I've already claim, but did not receive an answer until now, and no one is answering the phone. 


Thanks for your help 


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Did your issue get resolved? I received a book that was someone else's entirely. Paid $17 to have it shipped by Christmas, and can't get a hold of anyone via email or phone. Looks like I'm showing up to Christmas empty handed! Would appreciate any advice you have!

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I had a similar problem; I had made editing changes in my book, uploaded it to BLURB in a different title, yet I got back on pdf format the old version! 

Plus I cannot use the pdf format because it has a *.blurb extension that is proprietary! What's the deal??  For $5 I would expect a true pdf. Has anyone else tried this?


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