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Can I just rename without having to sell?

Each book I upload defaults to the title 'Untitled'.

Am I right in thinking that if I want to rename it I have to go through the 'Sell My Book' rigmarole? I don't want to sell it. I don't want to have to say what language it's in, or what the subject is. I don't want to have to go through the motions three times to tell Blurb I don't want the book sold in three different formats. All I want is a useful title to differentiate it from the other 155 books I've made.

Am I doing something wrong?




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What's up with this.  Seems like the most simple first step when creating a book.  Guess I'll delete the empty book I didn't start adding photos to but never titled.  And can't find a response to this question either.  

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