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Typo correction and reprint

I've taken delivery of my printed book and spotted a single typo. I've corrected it on the iPad version. I'm about to correct the printed version in BookSmart. In the past when I've done a change/correction, I've had to re-upload, order and buy before the expiry limit ran out. Is this still the process? Or, can minor changes now be made (and uploaded) without any need to once again purchase a personal copy?

If the answer is that the process remains as it always has, my workaround is to ensure that a third party buys the book before the expiry date runs out.

Guidance would be appreciated. Thanks

Mike Hodgson

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clearly no one uses this forum.. did you get your typo corrected and how did that work for you? I see my book exceeds the margins although in preview it looked fine.. any help you can give me truly grateful

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