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How do I order a trade book??!! HELP!

I typed a180 pg cookbook for my mom - it is listed as a Standard Portait Book, though. 

BUt I want to print it as a trade book to keep it economical.  There are no photos, nothing fancy - just text.

I can't figure out how to do it??!!  I got to review and there is no "order book" button on the screen, which is what I read online.

Anyone got any answers?


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The trade books are only available in the software called BookWright. I bet you are using BookSmart an older software from Blurb. Go to Blurbs homepage and download BookWright and choose trade book and begin to learn the new software. There are paper choices in the trade books that will effect pricing, understand the price and types before uploading your book for printing. Good Luck!
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