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Recently I placed a substantial order total £343.32 I had a voucher SUPERDADS25 therefore expected 25% discount equal to £85.83 but the discount given was only £65. I have looked at the e-mail your I received alerting me to the voucher and it was only on 3rd reading I saw the limit of £65 written in very small type in mid grey out of black. May I respectfully suggest this is unreasonable, if good practice was followed, it should have been clear on the offer that it was limited to a £65 discount in a font style and size similar to that of the offer. Do others think limits should be clearly visible?
Kathy Reynolds

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Yes, I had the exact same thing happen to me.  This is my first book and need that 25% discount to sell my books.  As it is, I only get a $2 profit on every book. 

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My experience has been rather similar (see my recent communication to BLURB) wih both SUPERDADS25 and SUMMER35 which suggests that BLURB are quite insensitive to the different situation in which their overseas customers are in.


The small print condition detailed with your promotional advice stated the maximum discount was $100 US or $100 Aust.

I appreciate the discount opportunity but this difference in discount value when expressed in the two different currencies is currently sizable.

The inequity is such that BLURB should provide the facility to pay in US$ with the $100 US discount applied OR make the discount value more similar for customers in different countries. Paying in the vendor's currency is not so very unusual around the world when paying by credit card.

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I came across the same issue on another offer. I had 3 books to order, so I just made 2 or 3 different orders and did not quite get the full 25% but got closer to it.....  Hope that helps.


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We're sorry for the confusion regarding our promo codes. The discount is applied toward your product total, not the order total. This is mentioned in the fine print for the code on our website or in newsletters. 

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