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My book isn't showing up in the Blurb bookstore

I just uploaded my book but I don't see it in the Blurb bookstore search--how do I get into the blurb bookstore?

Also, how do I add a link to buy my book on my author profile page

Tracey Hanson

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I am surprised that this question is not answered in the FAQs. It seems like a common problem.

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I'm creating a web site and I want users to be able to link to the site where I have several books. They used to be in the bookstore, but try as I may I can't get in. Your "Bookstore" link is inactive.

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By default your book is set to private, meaning only you can view and purchase the book. You'll need to set your book to "public" first your book to make your publicly available in the Blurb Bookstore and visible to search engines such as Google. Please find more information here:

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