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Can I create a text box with a different color background than the page background?

I know how to make the cover background the color I want. Then I want a text box with a color in it different than the background. How can I do that?


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I have the same question.

Also, when I enter the page background color on the left page it changes the color on the right page. Why is this?


STEVEN1948 2 voti

This is the solution that I used for my latest Travel Photo Book.

Create a picture box where you want the text box, then add in a jpeg picture file with the background colour that you want. This can be done with any of the photo edit programs, or even Powerpoint saved as a jpeg. Then overlay your text using a standard text box.

Since th etext box can overlay an image, this is also how you place text into or over a picture.

Maladets 7 voti

I have a 500+ photo album project each with it's own description. I'm quite surprised that you can't create a text box with a different background color. The method listed, although it would work, would add 500+ for tasks. I was creating this on the Costco photobook project site but they don't support the pages I require. They do offer the text box background colour option though. :(

Trappist 2 voti

That seems to be impossible without using the previous posted solutions. it would be great if Blurb designed the text containers with a background color possible and a level of transparency also (such as is possible in most design programs). If I want to put text over a picture, my problem is to make the text readable. By playing with the font color and a transparency level of the container I could have the best end result. Impossible to do that today, and I see I'm not the only one with the problem.

Patrick MILWARD 6 voti

I have had this same problem for the two years that I've been using Blurb.  Sometimes it's impossible to place text captions on top of pictures because, no matter what colour you use, it can't be read.  You've been able to do this in Powerpoint for over 15 years.

I get the impression that Blurb are doing absolutely no product development - in two years I've seen no new features added.  I've spent a lot of money with Blurb and I think it's high time they invested money in enhancing their software!!

gtillotson 4 voti

I am a little surprised with Blurb that they have not added this feature among a few being able to rotate an image box or text box and yes, adding a colored background to a text box.  I like Blurb's books and I want to continue to use them, but sometimes I find the software very limiting. 

StephJeff 3 voti

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