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Problem with Bookwright, Windows8 and Touch Screen

has any one found the same problem I have, in that Bookwright doesn't seem to be able to display the drop-down menus when using the Windows 8 touch-screen facility?  Poking the File, Edit, View, Add/Insert, Photo, Text, Distribution and Help menus results in either no action at all or the menu appears fleetingly not allowing any time for access to the menu sub items. Other programs allow this basic navigational function with no problem! I have had to resort to mouse usage where it works fine, but I would like to use the touch screen where possible. I have been in touch with Blurbs problem solvers at support and they inform me that Bookwright wasn't designed with touch screens in mind and so cannot provide me with support. It seems that it is assumed to be a device problem.

 Any thoughts or remedies?

Donavon Slaven

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