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When is metric not based on powers of 10? When you use BookWright rulers

I submitted the following to support:

"When using the rulers set to centimetres the intermediate markings are not very helpful. It would be more useful if they were 1 or 2 mm rather than 3 1/3 mm.
"As I am trying to craft templates that are more useful to me having accurate and usable rulers is important and none of the options are particularly fine grained enough for accurate placement on templates on a page."

I got what I consider a fob off ...

Thank you for contacting us regarding your feedback about BookWright rulers.

I'll make sure to pass this along to see if it's something we can adopt in the future for our BookWright program.
BookWright is the newest book creation tool we've created so we really appreciate you taking time to provide us
with a feedback like this. I also recommend that you add suggestion to our community forums, where other Blurb users can show their support
by voting on ideas they like. The most popular ideas can get further consideration from our team. You can post
your suggestion (and vote on other ideas) here: Again, thanks for the feedback.
Mark Prior

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