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Can I send my book to Blurb when the photos in LR are in RAW

Using RAW files in LR I wish to know if I just can complete my bookediting at send my book to Blurb:
When I see the demo I see that all the images are i jpg.
Do I have to convert (export) all my images from RAW to jpg??

If,  I don't  feeel that is very smart to use LR
Can you confirm if I first have to convert my images to jpg and then make a book

Steen Aage Nielsen


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Hi there. You can use RAW images in the Book module of Lightroom 4 and 5. When you upload your book to Blurb for printing your images will be rendered into our required format.

Michael/Blurb Customer Support

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Is this true with Lightroom CC as well? I can just create my blurb books using my raw files or PSD files. I know I must first put them into a collection; but can they be in all of these formats?

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