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New iMac. Transferred saved files in .book form. Won't open. Help!

I have my new iMac and transferred files from my macBook Pro to it. But every time I try to open them in Book smart I get told I can't. Please help me! I have included a screen capture of what I am dealing with.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 3.08.05 PM.png
Brandon Milligan

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I don't have an answer, unfortunately, but am having the exact same problem.  I would love to know the solution if you found one.  This is the only form I have for my books!! (I have saved .book files I transferred to my new computer.)

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I got this reply to an email I sent to cutover support and it worked!



Thank you for contacting us in regards to the troubles your having in transferring your book. I apologize for the frustration, but I'll do what I can to help.

Please, be assured that your book project should be fine. BookSmart simply needs to look in the right place for the project again. Try the following steps which will help you get your project into the right place so that BookSmart can recognize the file:

1) Please start a new book in BookSmart called “TestTitle”.

2) Now download the Book Search folder from here:

3) You should now have a purple “Search BOOK” folder in your Downloads folder. Please click (or double click) on it to have it start searching for all available BookSmart books on your Mac and connected devices.

4) Now go to VIEW in your menu bar and choose SHOW PATH BAR from the drop-down. A Path Bar should appear at the bottom of your Finder windows. “Search BOOK” will produce all your available books, including the “Test Title” book you created. Use the Path Bar to find out where your “Test Title” book is stored.

5) The search should have also produced your missing book files. Open a second Finder window and locate the FOLDER for your missing book project. You can run the “Search BOOK” search again, if necessary. (Sometimes book projects are named “untitled “)

6) Next you'll want to drag your missing book project folder next to (not inside) the "TestTitle" folder (within the same BookSmartData folder). Then open BookSmart, select OPEN EXISTING BOOK and your old project should be on the list of books to open. Repeat these directions, if necessary, for any other "missing" books.

If this doesn't work, please, take a screenshot of the files. Once you do so, I'll be much better prepared to assist you. I'm patiently awaiting your reply.

Best regards,

Daniel Murrieta
Blurb Customer Support

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I did find a solution for this issue - thank you!  I am now working on another with customer service.  Thanks again for the response!

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