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iPad download

I'm trying to download the ebook version of a book to my iPad. There is not a link to download it. Help!

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Search the knowledge base for "iPad" and you'll find a FAQ showing how to do this.


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Hi klein512,

Looking over your account I'm not actually seeing any created ebooks. If you're having trouble creating an ebook from an existing project, you may want to look over this FAQ.

You can read how to download and open your ebook file here.


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Having already brought the paperback I'd thought I'd get the ebook, but it doesn't seem to download,I've checked my purchase account but it only mentions my paperback copy, no mention of my ebook download though according to paypal it's been paid for,my computer skills are very basic and I'm trying to download to my iPad .
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The keyboard on my laptop just took a dump and I'm in the middle of a project... Trying to download booksmart to my ipad2..... HELP...
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Yeah padraig but THOSE INSTRUCTIONS DO NOT WORK!!!! and yes I have ibook!


and besides they are NOT the instructions sent with the order and link! Nothing mentioned about logging in there.

and when you try to log in you get asked to create a user name - which results in an error - like maybe 10 times!

Short story - software for blurb is VERY buggy and Blurb does not care and does not fix things!

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REALLY, I've been trying now over 2 weeks to download an ibook (or ebook) that I bought! First took 2 hours to even get into site, plus when they answered, told me to upload WEBex (Can't get in to it???) I have an IPAD, new verison and sureyly BLURP can download to IBOOK. WHAT THE DEAL???? PLEASE help. Cookie (about to crumble)
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