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Finding the created and saved layout

I created a book from the selected templates and uploaded photos, I save it as My Layout and save it in my USB I cannot find it , I guess will start over...please help


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What tool are you using to create your book? (BookSmart, BookWright, etc) 

Vincent Bryant 1 voto

did you ever find them?  I'm having the same problem and can't find the saved layouts.


C.K. Christakis -1 voti

When you save a layout, it is saved only for the format and trim size you created it under.

For example, if you were making a magazine and saved 2 layouts, those 2 layouts will only show when you make another magazine. If you started a standard landscape photo book, those 2 layouts would not appear there. This happens because a layout will not be sized or positioned correctly from one trim size to another.

Ryan Gillespie 1 voto

I was placing a order on a boo and was on the page where you puit your credit card info and my computer shut down, it looed lie it was down loaded but now I cant find, have I lost the boo

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