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First time user and not experienced at all, but not totally technologically illiterate either. I'm using Adobe Acrobat to compile students stories and want to publish in trade 8x10. I've checked and rechecked my margins and all seem to be within Blurb's print specifications, however when I upload it states I'm not and shows my size to be 8.5x11. If I have a one inch margin around all my pages, shouldn't I fall within Blurb's specifications of 8.125x10.25?? I don't know what I'm doing wrong and my deadline is within a day or two. Please help. Thank you.


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I'm neither an employee nor an expert, but I have a guess as to what your problem is.  I suspect that Acrobat thinks you are creating pages that are meant to be 8.5x11, so that's what it produces.  If you can find where Acrobat sets the paper size, you might be able to change it to 8x10 or 8.125x10.25.  I hope this helps.

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