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Shipping Process - In person Collection

Completely baffled. I ordered my forth book through this platform, which so far have all been up to scratch. I required my latest book for a presentation, so i went to check the tracking. I was completely shocked to see that it was shipped from literally a mile from my home in South Boston. Now the package has unbelievably traveled to Washington State, back to the East cost via Connecticut and hopefully soon back to Boston. Not only do i find this a complete waste of resources but also time. I would have gladly driven for 2 min to collect the book from the producer. I really hope you look into this for the future, it would be beneficial to both parties. Disappointing
Richard Ward

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Hi Richard, 

I am sorry to hear about your delivery. Our Customer Support team can certainly help you with this. I’ve created a ticket for you and someone will reach out to you soon.


Mutuala M.
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