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Bookwright and mandatory purchase of your book

my bookwright project looked great when reviewed but after it is uploaded to blurb it was cut off on the edges which obviously tells me bookwright is not a "what you see is what you get" software, as displayed in their previews. then to go back and do it all again because you cant edit a submitted book. Cant we have a simple box to fill and that is what you get instead of theses confusing double outlined boundry areas which may or may not end up in your book. why is the price so outrageous for such small books. paperback 6x9 8.95 for 28 page childrens book. then add your "very small" profit margin and shipping and the book ends up priced where not many will buy them. This is a $5 dollar book at best! and dont even get me started on the hardbacks $25 bucks before profit or shipping! for real!! I know bulk is cheaper but as a collective (indie authors) that is bulk business. this is a rule of business that was simply made to boost sales. it cost no more to print one book or one thousand. the employee is there all day anyway so it shouldn't matter how many different ones they have to set up for because they are paid hourly, would they rather them set up for one big sale and then set around the rest of the day? and why is it mandatory for an author to buy their book to be able to keep it on the website? seems almost like a gimmick on this one because i can already see the final result on preview on the blurb website. i like this site but some things need fixed as with the other sites too which basically take almost all the profit from your book due to their high prices leaving you with almost nothing.

Benjamin Proffitt

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Hi Benjamin - We've created a support ticket for you and one of our agents will contact you via email shortly. 

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