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Sending multiple printed copies to Amazon

We're just publishing our very first books to Amazon and have some pretty basic questions. Each book is a photo book of images and poetry. The researcher we're working with in New Zealand just came out with a book using statistical analysis to prove that Clement Moore didn't write Night Before Christmas but, rather, Henry Livingston did. So this is the time to get the books out. His book is written for English literature peers. Ours are in English.

We've created the books as PDFs and printed the demos until they're perfect. Now we need to sell them through Amazon.

We'd like to buy 50 books for Amazon to sell without having print-on-demand delays. (We'd also like to buy 20 books for ourselves to sell locally.)

Can anyone tell us if this is even possible? Does Amazon accept multiple copies of books? If so, can these come directly from Blurb, or would we have to send the copies to Amazon ourselves? (And if the latter, where do we find an address to ship to? We haven't come across anything like that yet.)

Thanks for any help you can give.



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