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I created a book using Bookify. It is now in "My Books" section of Blurb. Can I edit the book size here?

It looks like I can edit pictures and layout here but it will not allow me to change the actual book size.  Can I change it here or not at this point?  Thanks!!


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I have been searching for this tool for an hour or so now.  I can't find the answer.   Can anyone help? 

jillsanchez 1 vote

Hi there - Unfortunately, you cannot change the size of your Bookify book once it has been uploaded. You would need to select the book size from the beginning of the books creation; If you want a different size book, you would need to either start the book over with a whole new edition; You can also import the book into BookWright and then select the size book you wish to use: 

Diana -4 votes

Why don't they mention this at the start of the project  , really annoying have been trying for ages , thought I was being stupid !!!

AustinTina 2 votes

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