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bookwright update ruined my font size

I updated from version 1.1.122 to 1.1.124. I use Helvetica neue 10 as the font. I'm building a book with photos and text. In version 1.1.122 my text is perfectly aligned to my photos. Now it seems that in version 1.1.124 the font is slightly different, a little bit bigger. Now the text is no longer aligned to my photos. A kind of disaster since my book has a lot of pages. In both cases I use the same file and Helvetica neue 10. I reinstalled the old software version and the book is ok again. I have to upgrade since prior to publishing you need to install the latest version of the software. That is what the helpdesk told me. 
Any help / any suggestion would be very much appreciated!  


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Hello Andre, I have had the same problem with s 210-page book that has text and line art. I published last fall and now want to do some small but important revisions and I can't access my original pages. In the updated version virtually every page needs major manipulation -- text and art reformatting. Blurb says they can't help. I find this unbelievable. Besides scuppering plans for a revision in a new printing, this makes a 2nd edition basically impossible for an unpaid editor in a non-profit operation like ours.

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