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Matte and Semi-Gloss finish Dust Jacket

I think that there are a couple of customizations that should already be available:
ImageWrap with Dust Jacket and
Matte and semi-gloss finish Dust Jacket. Why it as to be glossy?


Nuno Pinto

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It would be great if the dust jackets were offered in matte or semi-gloss. I am looking to print a series of books, all with matte dust jackets. I see the the matte finish is offered with the ImageWrap. I don't see why it would be a problem to offer it with the dust jacket as well. For such high-quality paper & design, it doesn't make much sense that the more elegant option is not offered. I am sadly going to have to print elsewhere...& I really don't want to because everything else in Blurb is so great.

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