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Anyone else finding the last release of BookWright (1.1.109) to crash constantly?

Ever since I upgraded to the latest release that came out on Oct. 30, 2015  (1.1.109)  BookWright is now crashing every 10 minutes.

There seems to be no pattern causing this. Importing a picture, placing it on the book, navigating the menu.

It just crashes.
Looks like this version didnt go through QA 


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Hi Christian,


Same thing is happening to me. Constant crashes for no specific reason. Worrie dI have lost all my work. not good at all. Please Blurb sort this out. All happened since the update.


On a side note: I noticed some photo now appear very dark in the book. Is this a change in the render of the final book print colour?

alexsaberi 0 votes

You are right, I did notice also a change in the render of the color on the pictures. It's like there is more saturation.

Christian 0 votes

I've had quite an unexpected experience with this version of BookWright (crashes, unable to upload ebook version, etc.).  So far, Blurb Tech Support has been helping me to at least get a publishable version off to them... my hope is that they cure the current version ills of BookWright soon or they stand to lose some new and/or faithful customers.  That would be a shame for sure as their books are good quality and I personally have had some terrific results with past publishing.


Carol Renn 0 votes

Yes, my book crashed yesterday.  So the problem still exists.  I do not want to up load my book until I know it is safe.

I lost the book that crashed.  Who can tell me where it is????

Martha Cook

jcamcook 0 votes

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