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BookWright needs to show image attributes in pixels (Like BookSmart has)

Since BookWright is not good at handling over 200 pictures (unlike Booksmart), we need a better way to know what should be the size recommended for a photo in a book.

When you are in BookSmart, you just need to do a mouse over and it gives you the recommended size for your picture (pixels, inches and DPI).
This way, if your original picture is over 5000 pixels wide and BookSmart recommends 2500, you can easily re-size it before importing.
To do the equivalent in Bookwright is a nightmare. There is no Mouse-over option. What you need to do is actually drag the bottom right of the frame you had defined for your photo. This is absolutely silly,Imagine you are working 20 minutes on the layout of your age, making sure that the text and photo frames are all aligned nicely. Then, to figure out the adequate size of each photos, you need to re-size the frame,
Obviously whoever came up with that idea never has done a Photo book.
Again another reason to keep using BookSmart over BookWright.


BookSmart Vs BookWright.jpg

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