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Impossible to open my blurb file

Book could not be opened message


Firstly, I created my blurb book on my Imac. Two days ago, I worked again on my book saved on my hard disk on a macbook pro. I saved it under a different name just in case.

And now, I try to open my file and I receive a massage error:

Book could not be open.

Please help me ASAP, it a christmas present. At this point I have losten 50% of hard work.


Dave Jean

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I am having the same issue.  I download the application and work on it or a a couple of minutes.  The next day I get a message that says that I do not have permission.  I have tried running the program as an administration and have the same error.  I need to re-install the program every time that I want to use it.

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Someone sent me a blurb file to open and I can't open it on my MacBook Air, how do I do it?

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