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can Blurb bound the book from right to left?

I'm writing an arabic book, I need to open the book from the right side


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Im with the same isue! i would also like to have solution for this problem(:

thank you.

TalEliyaBerm 0 votes

Hi there! 

You will be able to make your book from right to left. Please make sure the layout of the book reflects the way the book is intended to be read. Also, if you create a trade book in Bookwright or the PDF uploader a barcode and ISBN will be printed on the back cover of the book, which would be the frontcover on an Arabic book. So it's best to create either a photobook (in any program) or if you want to make a trade book, use Booksmart instead. 

Veronica T. -2 votes

I'm using the Blurb plugin for InDesign, and I'm also creating a book that needs to be bound from right to left. I don't have (and don't want to invest in) Adobe's Middle East plug in or Word Tools - I'm only doing this book for personal use.

Would it be acceptable for me to lay out my pages such that the first page of my R-L book  (the first page that you open to from the back) is the last page of the layout, and then work back from there? 

Fragletsart 0 votes

Hi there- Since you're using the InDesign plug-in, then yes, you can just design the book with the first page content on the layout's last page and work from there.  

Jen A. 0 votes

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