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Cover image wrap discrepancy in edit, preview, and publish modes

When I edit or preview my book, the cover image appears to fit, without the main subject landing in the spine/binding area. The pink "safety zone" lines do not seem to indicate there is a problem. But when I go to "publish" the book, it appears that the main figure on the left ends up in the dimpled part of the cover (where it begins to fold for opening), effectively becoming part of the spine.

How do I know whether the image on the front cover will appear correctly? Which preview is most accurate in this regard: the edit mode, the preview mode, or the "publishing" queue.

Thanks for your help!


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I learned this the hard way myself.  I have set my own templates for the cover.  Adjust the photo so that it allows for that spine.  Many photos are fine going right over the spine.  If the photo is of a person, you just don't want to have any faces on the spine!:)

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