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Why some images are pixelated in black?

Just received my book; just about everything was great except for some of my smaller B&W ink drawings have come out pixelated all over in black (over areas that should be white). I have looked at the original files of 2 almost identical images where one has printed fine but the other is pixelated and the files are identical sizes and quality. I've attached a file that shows what has happened. Am hoping that someone else has had a similar problem and knows the fix.

Problem sample.jpg

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Blurb solved this problem for me - they were really helpful. What they suggested is that for any books containing just ink drawing like mine was that it was caused by the auto-enhance feature in BookWright. What I had to do was re-upload the book from BookWright to the site but this time, make sure I opted out of this feature by checking the box to opt out during the upload process.

Hope this comment may help others

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