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Color printing, but not binding?

I love the economy color option that Blurb has for the Trade books.

However, I love binding my own books by hand. Other printers I've talked to are either way too expensive, or they are completely oblivious to book binding terms. (Like signatures.)

Even if I spell it out for them how to print in signatures in Word and even the tedious way of doing it in Adobe Reader, they still are oblivious.

I feel like Blurb will understand what I want. (Printed in 4 sheet signatures, 16 pages per signature)... But Blurb wants to bind the book and everything!

So, does Blurb offer printing services, or does anyone know of someplace I can find that does a) cheap color printing AND b) understands what a signature is?

The project is a planner, with faux-embossed faux-leather covers. The covers are the real reason I don't want Blurb binding it. Because I want the covers to be spectacular and durable enough to last daily use throughout a year. Since it's a planner, with 2-4 colors per page, there's no reason for me to pay incredible prices for color printing at a copy shop.


Anyone, help?


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Would very much like to see a solution to this request. The search will continue.

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