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Color profiling with Lightroom 5->Blurb


I'm in the process of creating a photo book  that I aim to self publish via Blurb. I'm using the LR 5 book module.  My processed image files are 16 bit Photoshop. It's my understanding that I can up load directly to Blurb & Lightroom will process them appropriately for the book.

However, I'm confused about the issue of color management. My question is this:

*When Lightroom 5 processes my .PSD images for upload to does it also adjust the color profile for printing to book? (Like convert to CMYK?) 

*Related to this, can I then expect the hue/saturation in my photos to "shift" significantly? 

*Should I first soft proof in Photoshop with the blurb CMYK .icc profile and then  upload via Lightroom?

 Thanks in advance for reading this and letting me know the answers.

DC, New York



David Curtis

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I am going through the same issues.  Did you ever find an answer to your questions?

Kelowna B.C.

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