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BookWright Layouts

Is there any way to get some kind of guide line on the left side, showing where the bend will be when the book opens? Currently if you center anything it centers to the whole space, but then when you get your book, everything looks shifted a bit to the right because of the crease where the book opens. Some kind of guideline, like the trim lines and "pink space" would be very helpful.  Some pre-designed cover layouts would be really nice to help get a sense of what would look good. I liked the cover layouts in BookSmart. 

Additionally, it would be nice to have some more options for 1 and 2 photo layouts utilizing 3x2 and 2x3 options. The current BookWright pre-designed layouts are nice, but there are just so many that use nontraditional photo ratios. 

Thank you for your time and any consideration or advice. 

L. Anson

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