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We need better online information explaining how things in Blurb work

I'm new to Blurb. I'm using BookWright for the first time. Mostly, this is a straightforward process, BUT, occasionally I can't find what I need to get something done. Example - I wanted to change the page numbers in a 36pp book. Simple enough, but where can I find the answer? I do find a page in, I think, the Community pages - "How to delete, add or edit page numbers" (Something like this title - don't quote me.) But it actually doesn't explain how to delete page numbers, not the in the detailed way you need to know to get it done. In the end Tia at Customer Support did a fine job explaining how to do this but it made we wonder why Blurb don't follow Apple's example and provide easy-to-follow explanations of how to do things using your device for just about everything. (I use an iMac.) Not perfect, but pretty good. With Blurb explanatory info. seems random, bitty and difficult to find - even for simple stuff. (It's only simple when you know how to do it...) What do people think?   


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Definitely, I can't count the number of times I've had to go through the marketing spiel in the front pages when looking for straightforward answers to very basic questions.

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