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Bookwright: Need to redo the project if I want different sizes?

Seems to me VERY odd that I can't change the layout/format of a Bookwright book after I create it. For example, I spent HOURS making a magazine format of and now some people have asked me for a "hardcover" version. I literally have to start from SCRATCH again because I can't do a "save as" or something and change format and clean it up.

I think that would be really a basic feature of the program...

Has anyone found a workaround for this?

Matthew Ferrara

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I need the same.

I wish use the same "book project" for having a small square and big square format too.

Any help?

Maria Cardamone 0 votes

I want to make a magazine format with the materials I used for a hard cover.

mosaicist 0 votes

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