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show filename and properties for BookWright photos

The scenario is this - as I edit my book, I see photos that should be enhance - either lightened, or dust removed, etc. I can't see the file name of the photo is it is in place on a page. I can remove it from the page, then look for unused photos and hover over the photo to see the name of it - but that is  not a good workflow.


I would like to see the file name as I hover on the photo in the page or be able to click to it and see it in the photo stream. I would also like to see the dimensions of the files and containers.  If I add my own containers, I only have the guideline grids to work with - but I would like to be able to just set the width and height.



Mary Breakstone

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I agree, being able to see the filename would save a lot of effort and time.

Jim Williams 0 votes
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