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Font color reverts to default on cover

I see there are 812 unanswered questions but since I've been waiting for 6 days with no solution, I'll try anyway. As I said in my email to support, the color of the font on the cover keeps reverting to the default blue. I tried to upload for printing when I noticed it during another review. I fixed, saved, tried again, reverted again. I fixed, saved, exited, reloaded, revered again. I got one response to my email asking for details about what tool I was using, answered with make model and version number. Only other reply was asking if I still needed help, which I answer, of course I do. 6 days is a long time. I originally was going to bind this book myself and I'm wondering if that is what I'll have to do after I spent two weeks learning the software and duplicating the layout. Please either update with a patch that will keep the color as it set it or else ask me for the corrections needed and assure me that it will print as I expect it to. I would do the same for you if the position were reversed.


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I thought I'd update so that anyone else having this same problem might have a solution. It took a really long time to get assistance that was of help but apparently, it was my fault. I included a couple of appropriate quotes on the back cover that I copied and pasted from goodreads. The author name brought with it a link to goodreads that I had no idea about. Somehow that link also attached itself to the book title and author I'd typed on the front cover. So, I had to select each text in question, click the hyperlink icon in the edit box and delete the link. I finally got it uploaded the way I created it successfuly 2 days ago. Yayyyy. Thank you to David in customer support.

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