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Am I going mad or does Bookwright not have the most basic functionality you might expect?

OK, somebody please tell me I'm wrong but after spending / wasting many hours with Bookwright, I have come to the following conclusions. I cannot...

1. Have headers / footers unless I want them to be exactly the same on every page ( or add them on each page manually as a text box )

2. Have page numbers that don't start at 1 ( like every book I've ever read )

3. Exclude the page number on certain pages ( like every book I've ever read )

4. Have footnotes ( yes again I could do this manually, drawing a text box and putting the footnote in there, but if I wanted to change the font or text size in the main body of text, all the pages would move and I'd have to move all the footnotes - and I can't even make the process a little faster because there's no text search function!!! )

5. Search for text

I'm new to publishing but these things seem like the most basic functionality. If Bookwright can't do these things, Blurb should clearly explain the software's limitations before people spend / waste their time trying to learn it.

So next I may be learning the third piece of software of my Blurb experience, Adobe InDesign.


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I am a regular InDesign user and very familiar with publishing long documents, so I'd like to reassure you, you're not mad.

It appears you can set the page numbers in Bookwright to only start appearing on a certain page, but the running foot (probably the title) appears on every page, including the cover and front matter, where they definitely don't belong.

I've tried covering the unneeded footers with text and image boxes, but alas, you can't change the fill color on either container, so you can't cover them with 'white/paper' overlays. There doesn't appear to be any functionality to individually select the footer...

InDesign is no great prize when it comes to setting footnotes, by the way. They don't import from Word; you'll still have to set them manually. But at least with InDD you can type style the text boxes to the font and so forth you want for all notes so they format when you paste the text in.

Bookwright is more powerful than, say, Shutterfly, when it comes to managing long blocks of text around photos, but it's not a "real" book publishing software until it can offer more customization of standard features.

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Thanks for the reassurance. I've since been learning InDesign and although there is a fair learning curve, I am finding it to be well documented does pretty much everything I need.

I've actually been finding the footnote functionality in InDD quite useful. I have linked text across many pages with many footnotes inserted. When I move things around, the footnotes move themselves to the relevant page. There's some nice footnote specific styling options too.

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