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What's Better: Hardcover with ImageWrap or Dust Jacket?

Hey All!

I wanted to ask some people what they think is better for hardcover books photography, an image wrap or a dust jacket? 

I wish there was an option where I could have the Imagewrap + the dust jacket. :/

Not sure what is the best for a book to keep it clean, not get damaged, etc. 

Look forward to hearing your opinions! Thank you for the advice! 


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Why can't the image wrap and the dust jacket just be the same pictures & layout?  I resent having to choose rather than being able to order both.

rdyck 0 votes
Yeah I know. Well, I decided to just get the Hardcover with a dust jacket because I feel the quality is better. The image wrap is alright but prefer dust jacket. I am sure they will have the option eventually...
Amanda1201 0 votes

I agree!  I want ImageWrap with a dust jacket.  Why is that not an option?  It's how books with dust jackets usually come, so it seems to make annoying!  I'd pay extra, so you'd think it would be an option.

KChav 0 votes

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