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change book format on a completed project

In BookWright, Is there a simple way to turn a completed book saved and printed in format Horizontal big (12x12) into a smaller one Horizontal 7x7? the idea is the following: I put together a photo book of my kids in the larges format available, and I want to print few extra copies for friends and family in a smaller format (which is cheaper of course).

Could you suggest me a way to do it avoiding to re-build the book in the smaller format from the scrartch.


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Uimo72-you have been waiting since Nov 10 for an answer? Whoa! This sucks.

I'll try anyway-

I want to change an exisiting book into a larger book...anybody out there can help?



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Hi there. If you want a fast answer to a question then contact customer support for assistance. Our customer forums are meant for exchanges of ideas, between users, not for customer support. 

And to answer your question, you cannot change book sizes in BookWright--that's only possible in BookSmart, and not for all sizes.

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