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The 'My Page Layouts' need to be better organised.

I currently mostly make my own page layouts, mostly for photographic travel books with some text. I often save them (I now have over 110) so that I can use them again later in the same book, or in another book. You are able to give the pages a name, but this is irrelevant, as you cannot then search or sort by name. For example, I might name a page 'Left Page 5 picture 3 large 2 small' or 'Left Page 5 picture, 1 large 4 small. It would be great to be able to search by title, or be able to drag the layouts into sensible collections ie all my 'Left Page 5...' layouts together. Currently, they are listed in the order they are saved. To find a specific layout I have to scroll through all the layouts, which is tedious.

Alison Asplin

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I would also like to be able to sort the pages by the number of image boxes.  I would do the sorting myself if I could.  If the naming automatically sorted alphabetically, this would help also. This would also allow me to delete layouts that are too similar so I have a more workable number.

joesara2 1 vote

The quality of Blurb is fantastic, but this is one aspect that really is poor. I only use my own made page layouts and it is frustrating that it automatically reverts back to the generic page layouts (which take no consideration of the amount of page lost in centre, so a page of four equally sized squares wont be equal when printed, unless you remake it yourself. And then, you have to search through all of them. Come on Blurb...sort it out!!

Alison Asplin 1 vote

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