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Forest-friendly paper and non-toxic inks!

I'd gladly pay a premium to know that my books are being printed on forest-friendly paper with non-toxic inks. JK Rowling insisted on this for the Harry Potter books, and it makes sense: some paper is produced from old-growth forest which don't return to their state of biodiversity for (seriously) thousands of years. You can replant trees, you can't recreate a forest. That's a terrible price to pay for a book. And completely unnecessary. There's a certification system called FSC which monitors how paper is made and certifies the good stuff.  Who's with me? It would be great to see Blurb offer this option. 


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Hi BRIANFIT. Most of our papers do have one or more eco-friendly certifications, and our standard photo paper has 10% recycled content. We don't have a 100% recycled paper but our product team is aware that some Blurb authors would like that option. And by nature print on demand is much more eco-friendly than traditional offset printing, since we print only what is needed. That reduces the chance of wasted resources from unsold/unwanted books.

For more information on the ink used in our HP Indigo presses, including HP's safety and recycling info, please see the  information below. Clicking the link will download a PDF with HP's ink FAQs.

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Hi mckennamlin. Yes, almost all our papers are FSC certified,with a few exceptions due to regional differences in papers. For specifics contact our customer support team and let them know exactly which paper type(s) you're interested in, the book size/format, and the shipping destination of the books. 

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Yes! 100% with you on this, it should really be the standard practise in 2017, not an 'extra' but i'm also more than willing to pay a premium to know that old growth woodland is not being affected by my indirect actions. Same goes for the inks.....

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