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Can we set up book projects that give multiple authors access to edit and add content?

This morning I searched the Blurb knowledge base on collaboration and co-authoring. I came up with one thread on the topic but the answer is unrealistic with what I envision. Blurb should enable members to easily collaborate with one another on creating and editing books. Before I go into tremendous detail as to why, I am wondering if the service is already provided and I just can't find the answer on how to do it.  Is it currently possible for multiple Blurb users to sign in and add their content or edit existing content of a particular book project? I'm assuming, of course, that the primary author who opened the book project would control who has access to editing and adding content. We are in an era of creative collaboration. This is the perfect platform to demonstrate the worthiness of that reality. :-)

Barbara Tomlin

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Hi Barbara. You can easily share/collaborate on/contribute to a book with co-authors.

  • If you're using BookSmart all you have to do is share your BookSmart project.
  • If using BookWright you can simply find the book file on your computer and share it with them. Follow these instructions. 
  • You could also use our online bookmaking tool, Bookify, and share your login credentials with your co-authors so they can take turns editing the book. However, if two people try to access/edit the same book at the same time it might cause problems (such as kicking the other user out unexpectedly or losing unsaved changes to the book).
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