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How can I center images in Bookwright automatically?

I just started using BookWright (have never used BookSmart) and am trying to center images horizontally and vertically (for the cover, which does't take a layout). I tried to center it with the gridlines, but that is still pretty much doing it by eye so it won't be perfect. I understand BookSmart had an align tool but I don't see this here. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to get things aligned perfectly in this program? 




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Oh, that is a worry! The question has been asked in September, now over 2 months later - NO REPLY! that doesn't fill me with confidence.

I would like to be able to align the photo within a photo container but BookWright doesn't seem to have a tool for it! Please fix it or guide how to do it. 



abanham 1 vote
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There are so many things that seem to be missing in Bookwright.  Like Booksmart .8.  I realize that they want us to switch but I am constantly running into such simple things that are missing.  So frustrating!

And, not even looking at questions that are being submitted shows that they don't have the proper staff to manage this support knowledge base.  And, I want this to be great so much.....

Dale Byrne 1 vote
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