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Add a Nature Category to the Bookstore?

We do a lot of nature photography and we would like to see a Nature Category for books in the Book Categories in the future. We don't really fit into any other category. Joanne Clayton
Bruce & Joanne Clayton

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I like that! Great idea! I submitted a request complaining about my books not fitting into a category at the bookstore.  They recommended to post the possible addition to the community and bring it up for a vote. Not sure how to  do that. Anyway, I wrote two books more suitable for a Young Readers category rather than for Children's Fiction, Literature or whatever the name is.  How do we push these ideas up for the community to notice and CHANGE the bookstore category list to suit our needs? I won't put mine up on the marketplace until I am satisfied they are in the right category. Good luck, Bruce and Joanne.  

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