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I'm an EU resident. Do I need any tax ID to sell my ebook on blurb?

I live in Greece and I would like to know if my tax ID is necessary for selling an ebook on blurb and if there is any vat processing by the US. Is it possible to sell an ebook outside the US?


Thank you in advance.


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Hi rawlandscape,

We only require a tax number (a SSN or tax ID) if you are a US citizen, or living in the US, and selling your book or ebook for a profit on our site. You do not need to supply a personal tax number if you're not a US citizen or do not live in the US, or do not add a profit.

We charge VAT on print book and ebook sales where required and you can sell your ebook on our site to anyone in any of the countries we ship/bill to. 


Michael/Blurb Customer Support

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