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How to print reverse flipping booklet?

I got 2 pdf files from my client - one in English, the other in Khmer. Both designed in A4 and I was asked to print in A5 booklet.
I could do just fine to print either English or Khmer in its own A5 booklet, but when I was asked to combine these 2 languages in single booklet in reversed flipping - half of the booklet is Khmer, the other flip is English (everything is in the attachment: - also you can see the pics here for my intended prints), I am now lost!
I would be really appreciated if anyone here have any idea how to achieve this print.

All the best,

P.S: I also tried to reverse and rotate 180 degree the English .pdf pages then inserted it to last of the Khmer pages, but once I created the booklet it turned up again!
I am using BookletCreator to make booklet.

Intended print:

Reverse-Flipping Booklet

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