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Photobooks page quality

I am looking to create a photobook with 30-40 pages at the max. I would like to know if each page in a photobook is available in Lustre finish. In other words, I would like each page to be in the photo-quality paper. Is this available? For ex, in Costco/Walgreens the photobooks has the lustre/matte fnish only for the cover of an album but the pages inside are done in ordinary paper or it feels like magazine paper.  I would like to know if there is an option for matte/lustre finish for each page in a photobook.


Thank you!



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 I see no one responded to your question, although I just received the first photo book from Blurb and am quite disappointed in the quality of the photos -- they are ALL grainy.  I just lobbed a question to them to see if they can offer an explanation and solution, otherwise I will not be ordering books from them in the future.  

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