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Using OSX 10.9.3 on a Mac Book Pro: The iPhoto menu of albums will appear from the iPhoto pull-down in BookSmart and any selection(s) may be made (checked)... but no images are made available within the My Photos panel. I've built 4-5 books in BookSmart so I think I know the procedure, still no images. Is there a version compatibility issue, or might my iPhoto Lib be too large (1600 .jpg).



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I have the exact same problem. I -, too check the selections of pix I want to download from the MyPhotos panel and nothing happens. I, too have built at 6 books in the recent past. I've had this problem before but somehow i was finally able to get my photos downloaded in the end. Of course, I don't remember what I did to make it finally work

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Jeannie - My problem was solved by downloading the latest version of BookSmart. iPhoto now integrates flawlessly every time.  The latest (Mac) version is

See if your version needs an update. 



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Go through the back door. Import photos through "my computer' instead of iPhoto. Follow "Get photos" then "my computer"  The photos in iPhoto will show up under 'media' and then 'photos' in the window. Select the pics that you want and import. It's a bit clunky and slow but it works.  Hope they fix this!

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Daily Habits for Effective Social Media Marketing

The number of recommended actions and suggested tasks that social media managers must engage in can seem downright overwhelming. Not only are you supposed to update dozens of different profiles every day, social media marketing you have to connect with potential new followers and monitor your company’s branded keywords in order to manage any negative mentions you encounter. And more.To prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed and unable to get anything done at all, refocus your efforts on the following daily social media habits made up of tasks you know you can complete. Doing so should help you to form positive brand recognition and responsive follower bases -- without driving yourself crazy over everything you could be doing.Ideally, the bulk of your new social profile followers should be coming from people who love your brand and your website content so much that they can't social media marketing services wait to hear more from you on social networks. But sometimes -- whether your website is new or your company hasn't built the necessary market traction to attract followers naturally yet -- you'll want to be a little more proactive when it comes to building up a follower base for your business.One way to do this on Twitter is to seek out the profiles of authority figures within your industry. Then, follow people who are following them, and whose profiles indicate that they'd be interested in your company as well. A number of these people will most likely follow you back automatically, increasing the size of your follower base.Attracting new followers on permission-based websites like Facebook can be more challenging, but the same principles apply.Seek out those who have demonstrated an interest in your industry and the authority figures you follow, make your introductions through direct message and see what happens."Facebook is where social media and marketing teens and young adults connect with family and some friends," says digital marketing consultant Tim Peter. "Tumblr is where they connect with like-minded people about the topics they care about."

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Post stimulating content to encourage conversation

After you've responded to any direct interactions that have occurred since you last logged into your social profiles, social media marketing jobs take a few moments to post a status update or message that's designed to encourage interaction among your followers.As you create these messages, make your call-to-action obvious, as social followers are often so overloaded with media inputs that it takes a clearly-defined request to encourage action. Pairing your stimulating content with a statement such as, "Let me know what you think" or "Share your thoughts in the comments" can prompt the type of action to make your social profiles appear more welcoming and engaging to potential new followers."Even with lower penetration among the younger demographic, it may be attracting more young visitors in the aggregate," he says. "What's important, social media marketing companies though, is how much time those younger visitors spend with the site and where the growth is. And, right now, Tumblr is winning that race.The First Lady of the United States -- or at least her staff -- has joined Twitter again. Mrs. Obama's previous Twitter account, @MichelleObama, which was created a year ago and run by the president's re-election campaign, was shuttered in favor of the new account, @FLOTUS, [] which will be managed by the Democratic National Committee. No word yet on how much Mrs. Obama might be tweeting herself, but when she does, her tweets will be signed "-mo."As independent filmmakers have discovered, a fragmented media market doesn't mean you can't connect with people who will love your work. Thanks, of course, to the wonders of social media. A panel of filmmakers at the recent Sundance Film Festival discussed how social media outreach efforts social media marketing plan such as tweet-based promotions and actor-hosted online chats -- had been instrumental to the success of their films. "There [are] 'riches in the niches,' " said director Ava DuVernay, a past Sundance winner. "Segmentation is not a bad thing."

Enjoy free phone calls through Facebook

Burning up cell-phone minutes talking to everyone about your new startup? Facebook has come to your rescue social media marketing strategy Now you can place calls through the social network's Messenger app. The person you're calling will receive a Messenger push notification giving her the option to accept or deny the call.Facebook wants to keep your friends -- or at least data about who these people are -- all to itself. The Facebook-integrated "Find Friends" feature was once a standard way for new social startups to grow their user base but the social networking giant has started barring certain companies from using its social data. With Facebook apparently out to crush competitors, entrepreneurs may want to think twice before building a service that depends for its success on Facebook's platform.While Vine could eventually social media marketing university become a useful way to drive engagement with followers through multimedia, the app's launch was marred by a technical glitch that caused some users to be logged into other users' accounts -- apparently giving them access to confidential personal information such as unlisted email addresses and phone numbers. In response, Twitter disabled video sharing to Facebook and Twitter while it worked on the problem. At the time of writing, the glitch appears to be fixed and the app is fully functional again. Frostbox pulls everything including follower lists, video and photos and keeps it in the cloud so you can access it from any computer. You can also back-up your own hard drive through Frostbox so everything is kept in one place.Right now, Frostbox offers 1 GB of storage for free and will give you an extra 200 MB for every person you refer to the service. Paid plans start at $9.99 a month for 20 GB and go up to $29.99 for 200 GB. Or you can pay yearly and get two months free. Specifically aimed at business accounts, what is social media marketing Backupify comes with a variety of service levels to suit every size company. It specializes in Google products including Google Drive, Apps, Calendar and Gmail. It also backs up Blogger, Flickr and Picasa, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

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