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One book, two cover version (InDesign production process)

Blurb is a pretty sophisticated platform for creating beautiful books, but i feel that one rather basic option os seriously missing.

This is the option to sell the same book (so based on the same InDesign/PDF book file) in a simple and a luxury version with two cover types: paperback and image wrap. I seems some book production and sales menu's in Blurb are already ready for this but so far (and after consulting with support by email) this feature is not offered.

In our Blurb bookshop for the client it is now rather confusing, because it seems like the same book is offered twice: same title, same cover etc. Only after clicking on the two different books they will discover the difference.

For us it is also very unpractical, because to keep this book in the shop we have to order it twice, which is completely not necesary because we can very well do an error check of the conctent one one version.

At this moment we have three books we sell, all with two cover versions. This results in six books in our shop. This is to say the least not a very elegant construction. A bit un-Blurb I think.

We produce our books with the Book Creator InDesign plug-in, so to me it would seem easy to detect if it is a same book, because the same InDesign content file is used...

I really hope there will a solution soon.





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Yes, just produced a book for a client, who requested an image wrap cover. I used the plug-in for InDesign. Now the client wants to know if we can order one of each, image wrap and soft cover. Can I just create another cover file for the soft cover version and order one of each? Will the same content template work for both? I see similar questions in your forum, but none have been answered, some over a month old. Hmmmm.

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Hello all. The reason you must upload separate files for each cover type is because the specifications for covers made in InDesign are different for each cover type. This requires a different file for each cover type, and thus a different upload. Since each upload gets its own unique URL, it's not possible to have multiple cover types (essentially, multiple books) under one URL at this time.  Some authors use the description field to mention that over cover types are available and include the links to those.

Susan, as mentioned in our PDF to Book/InDesign instructions, you can indeed use the same pages file for different cover types--you simply create a new cover file for the different cover types. 

Also Susan, the forums are primarily intended as a place for authors to interact with each other. So if an author's question hasn't been answered here, it's probably because other authors could not help them.

Blurb staff will check the forums from time to time but if you want a prompt answer to a question, or have a concern related to technical issues, a specific order, or your account, then contacting customer support is the way to go. 

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