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Text outline?

Are there any plans to allow an "outline" option for text, alongside the existing options for "Bold", "italic" and "underline" ? 

Jim Berry

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This is a workaround for the text outline. I wanted an outline around a text quote and headshot. If you have Photoshop or a similar program, you can create a new image which is just a border on a transparent background. Upload this to blurb then put your text and/or photo on top using the bring to front option.

Art Inspired by Africa 1 vote

Yes, it would make for a more attractive page if Blurb allowed the user to outline a text box as you can do in most word processing programs.

citybobbook 1 vote

The outline fonts I have on my computer, like Stoneage BT, work just fine in BookWright. That font won't work for an ebook, however... understandable.

Tom Berryhill 0 votes

This is a pretty old post, so you all might have figured out work arounds, but I thought I'd post my own.  There is an option to "Draw Shapes"; you'll see it right beneath the icons for drawing a photo or text box.  You can draw a square shape and then right click for options to give your shape a background color and borders.  I draw the shape and format it and then just draw a textbox over top of it (send your shape backwards so you can see your text).  This is a better option than importing a white jpeg with border as you can work within the program to change the background color or size/color of your border.    

CoriAnn76 1 vote

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