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I'm a Linux user willing to prepare a photo album with BookSmart. However, I've failed to install it through any of the two ways suggested in the web:

- I've installed it using Wine, but the program crashes when trying to place a photo in the album (no matter if the photo has been imported from the local drive or from Picasa).

- I couldn't manage to install it when following the instructions to run it natively using Java as described in: (this seems to be an old post).


I have the feeling that solving the issues I found should be quite simple for s'one with some knowledge on Linux systems, for example creating a simple installer for the second option.


I'd like to suggest that you support (officially or unofficially) the Linux community so that simple procedures for installing BookSmart are available and periodically updated.


Thanks a lot,




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I have just updated instructions for manual install of Booksmart on Linux:

Hope this helps.


Šarūnas Burdulis 2 votes

Hi saltimbanqui. I don't anticipate that we will support Linux at this point, but hopefully other interested users like Šarūnas can offer some advice based on their own experience and experimentation. Let us know how it goes!


Michael Y. 1 vote

Thanks Sarunas but sadly that is far too technical for me. Now I've resorted to Linux after XP going downhill - if all that is necessary, I'm looking for a new supplier! My PC has to follow the Linux route too, so a simple solution will be necessary - for me! I can't make out the date of Blurb's response so don't know how current this dialogue is - may be ancient?!

mbarry 0 votes

Sorry for all the technicalities. Perhaps an exact copy of what's working for me will work on your system too. Here is an archive, which you can unpack by issuing a command:

tar xzvf boksmart.tgz

This should result in a directory 'booksmart' and in it there is a scrip 'bsmart'. So chage into that directory and run the script:

cd booksmart



Please keep in mind that Booksmart required a rather old Java 6. Here is one way to install it:

It is very unfortunate Blurb doesn't want to support wonderfully free and open-source Linux.


Šarūnas Burdulis 1 vote

Many thanks again for your help here. Managed to get that started yesterday. Today I ran "Run program" and entered the code command in the Application Finder that opened - but nothing happened. My old Program folder does have:
- presumably Java 6 is there? but I can't tell whether the system knows it or not!
I look forward to agreeing with you about Linux, but it does seem a steep learning curve. I'm struggling with Gimp Image Editor at the moment - even though I know Photoshop Elements well. Keeps the brain active I guess!

mbarry 0 votes

I've just installed BookWright using Wine-3.0, and it works like a charm! 


Blurb version: Version: 1.2.175

Wine Version: 3.0


DevoogdtT96 1 vote

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