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I am getting ready to make a family recipe book, what is the BEST way to get the recipes in the book?

Do I create a word file? Do I create a jpeg? or a PDF? I am lost on where to start


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I am also lost on where to start! Everything about the recipe book revolves around uploading photos! Where do we start as far as uploading recipes?

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Hello hadhoud. You'll probably want to simply type the recipe directly into BookSmart, BookWright or whatever program you're using. That will allow you to edit the recipes easily. 

Alternatively you could scan the original recipe, save that scan as a high resolution PNG (not a JPG, since JPG quality won't be as sharp for text) and add that PNG to your book as an image. But you won't be able to edit the recipe text that way, obviously.


Michael/Blurb Staff

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