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Import captions from Flickr!

Hi guys,

I've spent time writing captions for a huge set of photos on Flickr. I'd love to make a book but currently Blurb does not allow you to import your Flickr captions along with your Flickr photos. This means I'd have to copy and paste over 200 captions, or re-write them. Which means I won't make my book after all.

Please, Blurb, help a sister out! Let me import captions so my book can be created super easily!

Thank you!



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Yep - I plan to print a 365 Day Project every year with the image title imported from Flickr for each image - this is a deal-breaker!

artystaphoto 0 votes

I would like to be able to use captions that I assigned in Photoshop Elements... think that this is likely the same since the caption is stored as part of the image file metadata... surprised this is not already a part of the tool...

bogarro 0 votes

5 years later and this still is not something that has been prioritized.  C'mon product owners lets get this done!  One little exif field to include and respect during page layouts!

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